Wicked is our second official release here at Villain, and she’s a real showstopper! A top-secret formula (just kidding, it’s 50/50) of Colombian and Brazilian beans come together to slap you in the mouth with chocolate and toffee notes. Everyone knows Christopher is allergic to dark roast, but since Katie is our resident espresso-blend rocket scientist, we (she) took Wicked to an extra sexy medium-dark finish.

Ideal Brewing Method: This coffee is delicious as an espresso shot, volcano dripping through a Moka pot, immersed in a French Press or even as a basic bitch drip coffee.




This blend is comprised of South American coffees from Brazil and Colombia. The Brazilian elements are from Fazenda Alta vista, a 90-hectare farm that intercrops banana and macadamia trees among their coffee shrubs to help provide shade and drought resistance. The other (Colombian) half of this offering is a collection of coffees from various farmers the Nariño region, where chocolatey beans rule the world.


Region: Cristina, Mantiqueira, Minas Gerais
Farm: Fazenda Alta Vista
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Processing Method: Pulped Natural


Region: Nariño
Farm: Various
Processing Method: Washed

Reprinted with permission from Cafe Imports