Villain and Co-Owner
Regional Manager of Villainous Things

As the mastermind behind Villain Coffee Company, Christopher exudes passion for all things coffee. He holds many titles here, such as President of Roasting, Coffee Education Specialist, Ambassador of Light Roasts and Pour Over Comedian. The list goes on forever.

If you don’t know Christopher, just wait, you will. This dude can’t wait to meet you. Seriously. He’s never met a stranger. His huge smile and outgoing personality have a way of making everyone he meets feel welcomed. Once you get past his strong presence and you’re done making all of your cliché jokes about his height, you will immediately see how passionate he is about learning, teaching and being the best at all things coffee. He’s borderline obsessive when it comes to something he’s interested in and his attention to detail is scary. His never ending need to learn and constant desire to grow is what makes him the foundation of Villain.

But it’s not only coffee that he excels at. Jack of all trades, and a master of that a thing? Seriously. Do you look like a seahorse when you do deadlifts? He’ll fix your form. Hungry? Your boy is a legit chef. Tired? He pulls the best shots. Need something off the top shelf? Done. Need an extra member for your boy band? He’s basically Timberlake. You get it.

Christopher brings unlimited drive, knowledge and fun to Villain. His radiant energy is contagious which essentially makes him a mega dose of serotonin, straight to your brain. And yes, he played basketball.